Warmzone Short-wave Infrared Heaters bring attractive design and high efficiency heating together. Read more below on how clubs have reduced their power bills with our highly efficient and environmentally friendly infrared heater systems.

Warmzone Infrared Heaters fit into any classical or modern architectural design: alfresco or indoor areas in hotels, cafes, shops, restaurants, beauty centres, private gardens, churches or any venue.

Amazing Design

Warmzone Infrared Heaters are designed to look good and complement your décor.  Add functional features with remote RTS control, dimmable lights, and integrated sound options to enhance the experience.  The standard product colours look fantastic, and for the discerning taste a fully customised colour service is available to personalise your Warmzone Infrared Heaters.

Energy Efficient

Warmzone Infrared Heaters use only the best IR Halogen lamps to provide 5000hrs* of high efficiency warmth at the press of a button.  Converting 92% of input energy into instant usable heat which is not wasted in warming the surrounding air.  The heater is truly your lowest cost operational heater for outdoor or indoor spaces.  No more expensive gas bottle refills and no risk of running out of gas at your next event.

Ideas for Application

Warmzone Infrared Heater can be installed on walls, ceilings or on free standing tripods.  Brackets allow angle adjustment of +-30 deg.  The unique ceiling insert support allows the Warmzone Infrared ECO+ heaters to be recessed into a ceiling leaving your heaters ready to use all year around.

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Warmzone Infrared Heaters bring attractive design and high efficiency heating together.

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