How Does Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems work?

When ultra-fine water droplets are created by high pressure and introduced into the atmosphere by misting nozzles, they absorb the heat prevailing in the environment and evaporate. This process is called evaporative cooling.

An outdoor cooling system functions by pumping mist into the air, which in turn cools the surroundings. The air quickly becomes cooler as the mist evaporates, paving the way for a cool and relaxing environment.

These cooling systems have gained prominence recently and are now being used to cool warehouses, restaurants, hotels, vineyards and homes of course.

Benefits Of Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems 

Whilst the most obvious benefit is the alleviation of heat-stress, there are numerous other benefits including;

  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • More effective in outdoor areas VS conventional air-conditioning systems
  • Reduction of dust and odours in the area
  • Deterrent to flying insects
  • Regulators of humidity (so are terrific for plants!)

Are You Looking For An Outdoor Mist Cooling System?

Misting is a tried and tested method to combat the rising temperatures. It is obvious that you cannot use air conditioners in the outdoors. And if your facility requires visitors to spend time outdoors, a mist cooling system is the best way when temperatures soar!

Coolzone has an outstanding reputation as a misting service provider for commercial, industrial or residential properties.

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