Keep your Guests Cool with Outdoor Restaurant Cooling Systems

In the lead up to summer, it is important to consider how your facility handles heat and maintains a cool environment for your visitors.

Coolzone are Australia’s leaders in aiding to alleviate heat stress on high temperature days.

By either hiring or installing our misting components in your facility, you can:

  • Increase your revenue
  • Improve customer experience
  • Utilise your spaces all year round
  • Ensure the comfort of your visitors
  • Increase seating & capacity

The bottom line is that outdoor restaurant cooling systems are great for your venue’s bottom line.

In the same way that outdoor heating can keep people at your restaurant or bar and spending money, the same goes for mist cooling solutions.

Of course, outdoor commercial misting solutions aren’t limited to restaurants and bars, they can be used at outdoor swimming centres, in parking areas and even warehouses.

Are you looking for a Cooling Solution for your venue?

Coolzone Misting Systems have been installed around Australia cooling outdoor areas of hotels, clubs, restaurants and outdoor bar seating, industrial warehouses, sporting events as well as residential pool areas and backyard patios.

Check out some of our misting solutions in action here!

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