With outdoor venues, restaurants, bars and resorts seating starts to fill up and and is desirable, especially if there are water views on offer. On the other hand, you may have a preference for indoor seating and air conditioning, but if those areas fill up quickly which can happen on really hot days, you have to sit in the outdoor areas even if that’s not your your preference.

So if restaurants want to keep their customers and make their outdoor seating a viable option on really hot days they require a cost effective cooling solution that won’t impact unreasonably on their bottom line.

Outdoor misting systems can cool the air by as much as eight or nine degrees. So while your competitors are trying to keep their customers cool any way they can, an outdoor misting system is like having an outdoor air conditioning system. It’s not a system that extends unnecessary amounts of moisture; on the contrary it is a very fine atomiser of mist that feels more like a fog.

The bottom line is that outdoor restaurant cooling systems are great for your venue’s bottom line. In the same way that outdoor heating can keep people at your restaurant or bar and spending money, the same goes for mist cooling systems. The systems are powered by a pump unit that force water through tubing and out the misting nozzle. The more pressure you use the finer the mist and the finer the mist the more effective the cooling.

Of course outdoor commercial misting systems aren’t limited to restaurants and bars, they can be used at outdoor swimming centres, in parking areas and even warehouses.

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for and Coolzone sell misting systems that are Australian safety standard accredited and they’re ideal for all indoor and outdoor areas, restaurants, clubs, pubs, gyms, sports events, dance halls, outdoor vendors, beaches, entertainment venues, all external or patio hospitality areas and private home use.

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Coolzone Misting Systems have been installed around Australia cooling outdoor areas of hotels, clubs, restaurants and outdoor bar seating, industrial warehouses, sporting events as well as residential pool areas and backyard patios.

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