Did you know that misting systems can improve customer experience?

Coolzone offers its innovative misting system to any business in need of a cooling system, regardless of the industry they are in – be it entertainment, food, retail, industrial and commercial environments.

What Kind of Return-on-Investment Do Facilities Get From A Misting System?

  • Brings In More Customers:  Hot weather can leave tables empty outside. However, with a misting system, you can bring down the air around to a tolerable level, helping bring in more customers.
  • Creates An Inviting Atmosphere:  Misting systems can provide a year-round ambiance because people will feel as if you care about their needs.
  • Brings In Customers: They can help extend customer rushes
  • Encourages Repeat Parsonage: Of the most critical notable ROIs, they will encourage people to visit and return multiple times. People come back to places where they feel important and had a phenomenal experience. If the restaurant’s food, customer service and environment all hit high notes, customers will return to experience it again.

Are you looking for a Cooling Solution for your venue?

Coolzone Misting Systems have been installed around Australia cooling outdoor areas of hotels, clubs, restaurants and outdoor bar seating, industrial warehouses, sporting events as well as residential pool areas and backyard patios.

Check out some of our misting solutions in action here!

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