Ideal in the Hospitality Industry

Coolzone Australia  specialize in providing cooling solutions to the hospitality industry.  Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants and Cafes  will all benefit with the installation of a Coolzone Misting System.  Our Misting Fans are stylish, compact and ideal for your outdoor gaming rooms, alfresco dining spaces and beer gardens providing a comfortable, cool oasis for your customers during the sweltering heat of summer.

Comfortable for outdoor home areas

Outdoor patios or pool areas of your home are ideal for the installation of a Coolzone Misting System. Perfect for keeping you and your family and friends cool in the hot months and increasing the usability of your backyard – just like having air-conditioning outdoors.

Relief in Industrial work spaces

Our Mist systems alleviate hot air that can be trapped in areas such as  industrial work sheds, warehouses and manufacturing plants. Misting Fans and Misting Lines can make huge improvements in the efficiency, safety and productivity of your workers and your workplace.  This in turn will improve employee comfort and moral, increase productivity, reduce the risk of heat stress and support a safer working environment.

Economical and Energy Efficient

Lower operating costs. Coolzone misting fans and misting lines efficiently produce an ultra fine mist that is released into a hot environment. At this point nature takes over and through the process of natural evaporation heat is absorbed from the surrounding air reducing the ambient temperature by up to 20°C.