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Stylish copper or stainless steel misting lines in standard length or made to order are now available.  The ends of the misting tubes are machined to suit standard push-to-fit fittings making installations simple with no tools required.  Further details and pricing available on application.

COOLZONE  Misting Equipment available for SALE

Coolzone sell a full range of individual Misting Components including the following: valves; fixings & fittings; stainless steel, copper tube & nylon tube in various lengths; misting fans; nozzles including our lower water usage option;  Coolzone Smart Control Units.  Please contact us for pricing.

COOLZONE  Misting Equipment available for RENTAL 

Coolzone systems are now available for rental if short term cooling is required.  We supply mobile misting units ideal for sporting events, concerts, residential or anywhere heat stress is likely to occur.

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For further information on rental please contact us.

Pickup is from our premises in Peakhurst, delivery is also available at an extra cost.
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Coolzone Misting Technology

Italian Heavy Duty Industrial Pumps

Coolzone are now supplying an advanced heavy duty misting pump manufactured in Italy.  Thirty years of experience in manufacturing high pressure pumps in their factory in Northern Italy have resulted in a compact, quiet and reliable misting unit.  When coupled with a Coolzone Misting Control unit we can fully automate your misting system and provide unprecedented levels of control.

Coolzone Misting Systems
  • The control unit monitors the temperature in your targeted area and automatically adjusts the level of misting to suit.
  • The control unit also monitors humidity in the area and if it reaches the programmed set point the mist is immediately turned off to prevent damage to your valuable assets.
  • A built in timer can be programmed to start up and shut down the system automatically.