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Smaller systems are easily supplied from single phase power however three phase power is best for larger systems. If there are any issues to be overcome we can design the system to work with whatever resources you have available. Just call us to let us work it out for you.
It works through the natural process of evaporation. When water changes state from liquid to gas, heat is absorbed cooling the surrounding environment.
You will only get wet if you are standing within 1-2 metres of the misting nozzle depending on the atmospheric conditions.
Yes. The evaporative cooling concept will work any time you are able to achieve evaporation. The more complete the evaporation, the more effective the system will work. For areas with humidity above 80%, temperature reductions can be as high as 10 degrees. For humidity levels between 40% and 80%, temperature reductions can be as high as 20 degrees. Below 40% humidity, the temperature reductions may be as much as 35 degrees.
High Pressure Misting Systems
The systems operate between 800 and 1200 psi (pounds per square inch) of water pressure. The systems will work very effectively in both low and high levels of humidity. Even when the humidity is high, the effects of the system will be felt with a rapid drop in temperature making you feel cooler and more comfortable.
We offer complete supply and installation services. We will also provide 6 or 12 monthly servicing on your system.