Complete your space with heating solutions made for comfort with Warmzone!

Warmzone Short-wave Infrared Heaters bring attractive design and high efficiency heating together. Read more below on how clubs have reduced their power bills with our highly efficient and environmentally friendly infrared heater systems.

Warmzone Infrared Heaters fit into any classical or modern architectural design: alfresco or indoor areas in hotels, cafes, shops, restaurants, beauty centres, private gardens, churches or any venue.

Amazing […]

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Outdoor areas: how hospitality businesses use our heating solutions!

Warmzone provide the highest quality compact heaters and control systems to make your outdoor areas not only warm and welcoming but also energy efficient.

The heater is truly your lowest cost operational heater for outdoor or indoor spaces.  No more expensive gas bottle refills and no risk of running out!

Warmzone Infrared Heaters bring attractive design and […]

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Keep your Guests Cool with Outdoor Restaurant Misting Systems

With outdoor venues, restaurants, bars and resorts seating starts to fill up and and is desirable, especially if there are water views on offer. On the other hand, you may have a preference for indoor seating and air conditioning, but if those areas fill up quickly which can happen on really hot days, you have […]

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Increase the Productivity of Employees Working in Warehouses

In the sweltering heat of Sydney summers, if you own a business you have the added complexity and
responsibility of supporting your staff through the summer heat and humidity. Air conditioning large spaces
such as warehouses, particularly if they are draughty or have large openings, requires an enormous amount of
energy and consequently cost.

However, there is an alternative […]

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Coolzone Misting Systems Can Benefit Any Business In Any Industry

Did you know that misting systems can improve customer experience?

Coolzone offers its innovative misting system to any business in need of a cooling system, regardless of the industry they are in – be it entertainment, food, retail, industrial and commercial environments.

What Kind of Return-on-Investment Do Facilities Get From A Misting System?

Brings In More Customers:  Hot weather […]

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Coolzone – Your Trusted Misting Solution Service Provider

Coolzone is an Australian company with a dedicated friendly team providing service support Australia wide. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality Misting Systems using premium quality products, outstanding customer service and expert advice.

Our sales team provide custom design on misting solutions to suit any location; commercial, industrial or residential. We offer […]

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Summer Is Coming – What Is Your Cooling Solution?

Keep your Guests Cool with Outdoor Restaurant Cooling Systems

In the lead up to summer, it is important to consider how your facility handles heat and maintains a cool environment for your visitors.

Coolzone are Australia’s leaders in aiding to alleviate heat stress on high temperature days.

By either hiring or installing our misting components in your facility, […]

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Remarkable High Pressure Misting Systems from Coolzone

High Pressure Misting Systems
Our well-designed high pressure misting systems can be a remarkable addition to your business, requiring only mains water and 240V power to provide a viable solution to cool your outdoor area.

Compared to other options on the market, Coolzone provides the best value for your investment.  Our misting systems are energy efficient, cost less […]

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What You Need To Know About Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems

How Does Outdoor Mist Cooling Systems work?
When ultra-fine water droplets are created by high pressure and introduced into the atmosphere by misting nozzles, they absorb the heat prevailing in the environment and evaporate. This process is called evaporative cooling.

An outdoor cooling system functions by pumping mist into the air, which in turn cools the surroundings. […]

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